NCAA Website:  Access NCAA Eligibility Center.  All athletes who want to play in college must set up an account and register.

Core Course GPA: Athletes can set up free account through Pali High’s subscription to input courses and track eligibility for College Athletics. Students should visit Pali’s college center for more information.

Division 2 Football

Division 3 Football

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics NAIA is the governing body of small athletics programs that are dedicated to character-driven intercollegiate athletics.

General College Information

Pali High College Center (PHCC) website

Email address for the College Center:

Family Connection Website: PHCC uses this as the primary communication channel with Juniors and Seniors and their parents. Students have to sign up for it.  You need an access code/password that you get by visiting the College Center in person.

Announcements to watch for: College Fair (Fall); College Visits (Fall); Application Workshops (Fall); Financial Aid meetings (Jan, Feb); Reduced Rate Test Prep Courses on campus throughout the school year.

University of California & Cal State Systems:

UC & CSU Eligibility Information

The Common Application for Private Institutions:

Common Application  Used for many private colleges across the country; links to all their member colleges.

Santa Monica City College

Admission Testing Information

SAT Website Sign up to take the SAT and or SAT subject tests

ACT Website Sign up to take the ACT

How to get an SAT or ACT Fee Waiver

Financial Aid
Government Financial Aid   All students and parents need to set up accounts and complete a FAFSA form each year while in college. This website has instructions on how to do this for free. It is NOT necessary to pay for this.

Scholarship Web Search – Fast Web

Scholarship Web Search – Good Call